Spring is here!! Finally

Hey beautiful people

It’s been a long time! I know I’ve been busy doing a lot of hard work but I’m happy how everything is looking.

I have a lot in store and can’t wait to share if with you guys! I hope you are all well! Yes it finally sunny!

I have been getting my body and skin in good shape for spring and summer! And my birthday šŸŽ‰ which is tomorrow ā™ˆļøšŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰

I’m 34 soon and after 3 kids in 10 years I wanted to challenge myself and get on a fitness & weight gain journey plus i also love yoga now

I am learning everyday how to tap into both my divine masculine and divine feminine energy! I am learning to love myself warts & all

I love to see women push themselves and body to the limit! We all need to be a better version of ourselves and grow everyday!

I speak to a lot of ladies who don’t have much confidence anymore as social media can make us feel less of a woman because we are a certain size! Size doesn’t define beauty! I want ladies to know to treat your body and mind well! Never compare yourself to others as we are all born differently but you can use someone as an inspiration but only that! Because we don’t want to envy or want to be like anyone but ourselves! A better YOU!

Shine your light because you are the only one with that unique light! āœØ

Give love,spread love and be love ā¤ļø love yourself no matter what

I had to learn that and I love to discover who I truly am and my purpose here on this earth!

We all have a purpose and I have a lot to share! We shouldn’t keep knowledge and wisdom to ourselves but to help others so we can all GROW


Be happy,push yourself and be mindful in the moment! Love life


And it is literally true! I am not whew I wanna be but I’m making progress everyday! A little is a lot!

Thanks for stopping by guys

I just thought I’d come by and share some of the stuff that’s on my mind and I feel a lot of ladies need to be the best they can be! Be unique! Shine your light! Be happy!

See you guys soon! Happy Tuesday

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