Crystal Healing Jewels in London

Hey loves

I’m backkkkk 😀

How has your January been?? Going pretty fast right??! I’m not gonna lie I just want some sunshine but time needs to slow down a teeny bit lol..

So on to the subject about crystal ms and Cleansing. I have been making some handmade gems which can be personalised and suited just for you

I will be selling these necklaces and other charms and chakra healing crystals for different types of healing,balancing and health reasons. They will be a starting price of £10 which is very reasonable and affordable,as these Jewels are normally over £20 👌🏽💎

Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Chakra Charm Necklace #jewellery #crystals #crystalsforsale #georgiadivineoneness

I have a video on my YouTube channel,click the link below to watch and see them in action.

Plus look out for my store where I will be adding natural and organic products ALL made by me ❤️💋

Comment below on some products you’d love to see me make that’s hard for you to afford right now.

Thanks for stopping by again

Please like or follow my blog to see all my new updates on Natural Skincare & Beauty,Makeup,fitness and lifestyle 🤗

☘️ASÉ ❤️

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