Juvia’s zulu palette 

Hi guys

So i have been busy but STILL getting ready to blog EVERYTHING i have been putting on hold.

But here is a palette ive had since end of sunmer/Autumn. Its by Juvias Place 👐

So i bought the JUVIAS MASQUERADE PALETTE before but i had to get the ZULU PALETTE aswel. 

But low and behold i got it from BEAUTY bay and i love it….OMG its so so gorg and PIGMENTED! I am blown away by its beauty.

I did a REVIEW of the palette in my CHANNEL 

http://bit.ly/2z1nsTA check it out

I will be doing more looks and will be uploading some swatches of this palette so stay tuned AND look out for that.

Here is a mini vid on the look with these gorg lashes from Unicorn lashes £10 also from www.beautybay.com. CHECK out their site for all things BEAUTY&MAKEUP

Thanks for stopping by my loves! See you soon xx

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Georgia Lee xxx ❤

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