Morphe brushes Palettes😍

Hey guys welcome back

Today i will be talking about my 35u morphebrushes  palette AND their other makeup products. 

If you know or love makeup then you must of heard of morphe or a palette called the 35o which is a favourite for alot of muas.

I recently got my hands on the 35u palette AND its a absolutely gorgeous palette. It has a mixture of shimmer and matte shades. It is highly pigmented and the colours are what i was drawn to 😍 Its a BEAUTY 💖

I have some single pots/pans that is magnetic AND i use these to make my own custom palettes and the range of colors are BEAUTIFUL and perfect for any season.

But here is a close up of the palette 😍😍

I love these colours so much i did swatches and some makeup looks instantly. 

The swatches were really bright but not chalky. I only needed one finger swatch to show you how powerful it is. I did a sunset look which is so pigmented AND pretty,i barely needed to prime or set my eyes 👏

I love this look so realistic and beautiful on my skin tone 😍😍🔥🔥. If you like this PALETTE it is very affordable,its about £20-£22 online which is reasonable for 35 shades of eyeshadow that is super pigmented than some brands you would pay £50 for.

You can find more info on their website

Or your in the U.K. like me You can check out and more

Thanks so much for stopping by,hope i helped someone decide about this PALETTE. See you soon xx

Georgia Lee xxx❤

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