Back to school…parents rejoice????

I have the pleasure of being with my son all summer and we did some great things but the only downside was the weather! We had a good few weeks of sunshine and we are grateful but summer has come and gone so quick,my son even said six weeks went quickly and he’s only 8 years old . But I bet next all the excitement is towards Christmas and presents so I better start planning. 

Today a parent saw me after 6 weeks and said she is happy her son is not with her and he is back in school so she can be free….I always get quite upset to think some parents can’t be bothered to raise their child or look after them everyday all day without pawning them off to someone else! But I guess we are all different and we are not all maternal. 

All I have to say I cherish and love my two boys and would rather home school them if I could than let them out there in this crazy world. They have to communicate and grow and that is why I let them socialise and be apart of the school system,it is not just my way of abut of freedoms or peace of mind. Some people would kill to have kids right now so please cherish what you do have because someone wishes they were in your shoe 😉😊💋

Hope you guys have a great day and have a great September ❤️

Georgia Lee x 💋

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